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Engine Serivces


Workshop machinery and available services here at SWR include:

  • Valve seat cutting using PEG 8 Grinder
  • Ignition calibration using PULSE PET4000
  • Valve re-facing using PEG RV2000
  • Cylinders honed using diamond stone Delapina machine
  • Conrods honed using Sunnen CR Reconditioning honing unit
  • Digital valve spring testing using BERCO CM250E valve spring tester
  • Blank GM Cylinder head ported to SWR specification or otherwise to your requirements
  • Building of new kitform GM and JAWA engines
  • Blixt Carburettor Service and settings £30.00 + VAT and parts
  • Dyno testing and print out available for your engine - please contact in advance

Full engine service is £180.00 + VAT and will include:

  • valve seats cut and re-faced
  • springs installed to correct length
  • cylinder and conrod honed to exact precision
  • flywheels parted and re-aligned
  • balance factor re-assessed 

Customers will be informed if new components are required prior to installation.