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CP Pistons

CP and CARRILLO become one entity with 2 brands ....

CP Pistons and CARRILLO industries have joined forces with one goal in mind... to offer high quality performance products with excellent customer service. "It‘s a unique partnership", said Barry Calvert, President of CP-Carrillo."Both companies strive to provide the best internal engine components to the customer offering both, pistons and rods is a tremendous added value for the customers."
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This high-quality connecting rod is milled from forged pieces, the surfaces of which are then packed by shot-peening. Further highlights of CARILLO conrods are their lightweight and high-quality screws. CARRILLO, the ultimate connecting rod between piston and crankshaft.

Used by SWR, CARRILLO conrods are used throughout the motorsport world and provide a guarantee for maximum stability and exceptional quality. Please visit the Carrillo conrod section of the website to see the full range.


CP Pistons is ISO 9001:2000 certified to ensure customers of consistent high quality. Their motivation and continuous pursuit of perfection comes from racing and the relationship they have with the people that make up the motorsports community.  Not only do they manufacture speedway pistons but also supply components to NASCAR, formula One, F3000, CART and World Rally racing teams, as well as elite factory teams such as Ferrari and Porsche.

SWR believes the CP piston, together with the HSC3 coating, is the ultimate component in the latest four stroke technology and has proven excellent results within the engines that we are building.


CP Piston .. the Facts

  • HSC 3 coating for friction optimising recommendable
  • Extreme stability
  • Tested for high temperature
  • Special CP-Piston rings
  • Reduce friction
  • Piston pin with DLC-coating
  • Double forced pin oilers
  • Anti-detonation grooves



CP pistons for GM OFFC Engine are now available.  The new GM OFFC Engine is producing too much CC. This has been corrected by developing a new CP Piston with an offset gudgeon pin to maintain the correct CC. Available in all sizes. 

CP Piston with titanium pistonpin. Dome same as the original GM piston. Diameter 8992 and 8994 stepped dome, open valve pocket, double forced pin oilers, lateral gas ports with HSC3 skirt-coating. Piston to include 3 piece oilring, titanium piston pin, clips, comp.dist 22,00 mm. dome volume 5.70cc



CP Pistons now available with Dome as Original GM Piston.

Available in following sizes: 89.92mm, 89.94mm, 89.96mm open valve pocket,double forced pin oilers, lateral gas ports, including HSC3 coating and 3 piece oilring, pistonpin , clips. Comp.dist 22.00 mm. Contact SWR for further information.


CP PISTON FOR JAWA 250cc and 500cc Engine

JAWA 250cc engine - CP Piston kit 77mm with HSC3 coating. 

JAWA 500cc engine - CP Piston kit



X forgings
are designed to minimise friction and reduce weight without compromising strength.  With the use of bracing and ribs, the forging is configured by adjusting the weight balance between high and low stress areas.  This design enables the use of a shorter pin for added strength and weight saving.
Accumulator Grooves
is a V-shaped groove machined into the 2nd ring land to collect excess gases during combustion and alleviate ring flutter, thus maximising ring seal and increasing.
Double Pin Oilers
in conjunction with our dual fed reservoir add twice the amount of oil from the cylinder wall to the wrist pin.

Anti Detonation Groove
(Contact Reduction Grooves) are grooves that protect the top ring by disrupting detonation waves.  Also known as contact reduction grooves, these grooves limit the piston/cylinder contact during high temperature and RPM.
HSC3 skirt coating
offers additional lubricant in times of extreme heat or heavy wear situations.  The coating is designed to reduce friction on the skirt by providing a buffer to the cylinder.

Lateral Gas ports
are channels drilled at the bottom of the top ring land that assist in ring seal.  These channels allow combustion gases to enter behind the top ring and improve ring seal by forcing the ring against the cylinder wall during combustion.  Gas ports are most commonly used with back cut rings, which have less friction and better performance characteristics.


HSC3 Piston Coating for CP Pistons

Each CP Piston is coated with the high quality coating HSC3. This, together with low friction cylinders and high sliding quality of the piston is the recipe for success.

Low friction
High sliding quality
Improved emergency running properties
Low wear and tear
Correction of the clearance